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kumpulan pidato bahasa inggris

1. Juvenile Delinquency
Assalamualaikum Wr WbDear Ms. PrincipalDear Mr. and Mrs. TeacherAnd friends who I love.And sisters a happy class.First of all let us pray gratitude to God, because His mercy and grace Kida can all gather in this place with a hale and hearty. And we are here to talk about juvenile delinquency is rife around us. And do not forget to let us greetings and blessings on the Prophet Muhammad haturkan which we always look forward safaatnya in Yaumul Kiamah Allahhumma amen ... ...Juvenile DelinquencyJuvenile delinquency include all behaviors that deviate from the norms of criminal law committed by teenagers. Such behavior will harm himself and the people around him.Education experts agree that teens are those aged 13-18 years. At that age, a person through childhood, but not yet mature enough to say an adult. He is in transition.Since when did the problem begin highlighted juvenile delinquency?Remanja delinquency problems began to receive attention in particular since the establishment of justice for juvenile delinquents in 1899 in Illinois, United States.The types of juvenile delinquency is• Any use drugs• Tawuran between students• Free sexAs for things that can be done to address juvenile delinquency, namely:• Failure to achieve the role of identity and lack of self controlcan disegah or overcome by the principles of exemplary.• The motivation of the family, teachers, peers todo the first point.• The willingness of parents to fix the condition of familyharmonious, communicative and comfortable for teens.• Teens clever memilij friends and a good environment andparents give direction with who and where communityteens should get along.• Adolescent resilience establish themselves so as not easy tepengaruh if it turns out peers or communities that are not in line with expectations.Similarly, speech that I can convey more I beg maad lack of profuse end walhidayah wabilahitaufik said.Wassalamu'alaikum Wr Wb.

school farewell

Assalamualaikum Wr WbCongratulations prosperous for us allFather of our esteemed HeadmasterMr. and Mrs. Teacher and Administrative staff we respectAll my friends that we hold dear and be proud ofAnd my brothers we love First, let us say grace the presence of Almighty God, because of His mercy and grace we can all gather in this place in good health.On this day we gather in this comfortable place to unleash our class XII students who have graduated from high school and every encounter will always end with separation. If allowed to, maybe we do not want this separation. The bond between us that has been hard out with the cliffs, of course we want to end just like that. But what power will continue bergera time and age continues to grow. Can not we do not have to pass and leave the bench of high school that we love most, we should continue higher education for our next life provision, and I thank you because I was allowed to stand in the middle of this place.Gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, and my sisters that I love.Our success can not escape from the toil Mr. and Mrs. Master tirelessly continue to provide guidance and direction of a patient.Our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Teacher. We could not possibly repay Mr. and Mrs. Teacher, we can only pray for Mr. and Mrs. hopefully service teacher gets a better response than loving God and Merciful. In addition, we promise to always remember the advice and messages Ladies and studious teacher to continue their studies without knowing the time and place.Gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen.As a protégé of course we've made a mistake, that we either intentionally or not our purpose. On this occasion, I represent all my friends who apologizes profusely for the error and oversight that we have done. Hopefully Mr. and Mrs. Teacher willing to forgive our errors.The latter we are sorry and blessing Mr. and Mrs. Teacher. Hopefully the next opportunity we can perform our duties well. Hopefully we can achieve our goal and useful to the homeland. We also instruct the younger kids keep learning by studying, never said lazy and desperate to learn! Because the future of our nation is in the hands. Let us demand the highest possible science!May God bless our efforts. Amen ... ...Now we arrived to say good-bye-bye on the next occasion. If there is speech and our behavior is not pleasing to the Father, mother and brothers we apologize.So I thank you and good morning.Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb.


Assalamualaikum Wr WbDear principalI respect Father / Mother Teacher and Administrative staffAnd friends whom I loveLet us pray grace of Allah SWT has bestowed His blessings so that we can gather here and today I will give a speech about drugs.In Indonesia the number of drug users is so large, because of weak law enforcement in Indonesia international dealers can cooperate with Indonesian citizens and earn huge profits. Abuse of Narcotics and other additives that would impact a broad and complex. As a result, among others, changes in behavior, impaired health, decreased work productivity drastically, crime and other acts of violence.Drug abuse can be prevented through programs such as following the social activities, do not hang with drug dealers or users, are not easily affected solicitation or seduction to use drugs. Drug users are usually dominated by teens and schoolchildren.Schools also provide counseling to the students about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse through the Guru BP, discussions that engage students in planning for intervention and prevention of drug abuse in schools. Another important program is the program of Narcotics vigilant in identifying the characteristics of students who use drugs, be aware of the existence of an unidentified guest or dealers, perform impromptu raids.Usually the dealers and users in sekolahh been well aware of programs in schools to prevent a user or users in schools, nominally certainly anticipate it with as best they could. Any tips as smart as they, like smart-smart squirrel jump, eventually falling as well. Moves to avoid detection sniper school was under their control, but given the nature of the addictive drug and a higher dose Demand then discipline is also a safe way will unfoldFor that let us avoid and stay away and joined combat drug use. Thus the speech that I can say if there are errors in the spoken word, I apologize. For your attention and I thank my end.Wassalamu'alaikum Wr Wb

Assalamualaikum Wr. WbYang Dear Mr. PrincipalI respect Father / Mother Teacher and Administrative staffAnd friends a happyLet us pray praise and gratitude the presence of Almighty God, who has mercy on us so that we can gather in this room is in good health.In everyday life we ​​often encounter the rubbish strewn everywhere. In public places, around our homes, or in the classroom there is always garbage. Sometimes we do not care about the trash. Trash is actually a big problem for us.Garbage consists of organic and non organic waste. Organic waste is waste that can decay and can be described by decomposing, organic waste such as leaves avalanches. While non-organic waste is waste that can not decay and can not be broken down by decomposers. Non-organic garbage can be decomposed by combustion. Non-organic trash such as plastic.Sometimes we eat the food there is the wrapper, after dinner, we immediately discard the food wrap it in vain, we do not care to wrap the food, actually it would be a big problem. Rubbish that was deliberately removed in any place will cause a bad influence for us, the people who live on the outskirts of the river, the majority of trash in the rivers. Rubbish dumped in the river, will cause siltation of the river because of the rubbish to the bottom of the river and would clog waterways, later when the rainy season flood will occur.Garbage sebenarna not only cause bad things to us, but also provide benefits to us, if we can sort them and process them properly. We can use organic waste as compost, while the non-organic waste can be recycled back to be new stuff again.Let jointly cope with the rubbish, so that our environment is clean and beautiful. Similarly, a speech from me, I thank you.wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb

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